The Polk County Christian School Board and Administration believe that an atmosphere of excellence in education and one that is centered on Christ can only be achieved through the diligent involvement and cooperation of students’ parents or guardians.

The school is proud to have such great support from our parents and guardians. Each year they give and bless the school with their time and dedication. Team work is a driving theme of the school. All are invited to our family, no matter their ability, to be the hands and feet of God. We welcome your family with loving arms and pray you time with us will be richly blessed.



Parent-Teacher Fellowship (PTF) meetings will be held throughout the year as a means of allowing parents to assist in the school program and to show their support of the school. These meetings offer ways of emphasizing the importance of Christian education with the added benefit of providing godly fellowship. Parents are highly encouraged to attend these meetings.

Since the Christian school is an extension of the home, PCCS recognizes the importance of the parents and the teachers working together.


Since PCCS relies so heavily upon parental involvement and support, it is expected that parents volunteer time each year to help keep costs at a minimum.

Volunteer hours may be in the following areas: janitorial work, yard care, secretarial work, chapel programs, assisting in producing the PCCS Yearbook, taking and developing pictures, field trip transportation and supervision, planning or implementing fund-raisers, planning or attending parent-teacher fellowships, aiding teachers or the Administrator (as needed), etc.

Work hours will be on the honor system, and may include work done at home for the school as well as done at the school. These hours are for the school year and are for a couple. Single parents must volunteer half of the time required by a couple.


Room parents are such a blessing to our teachers. Their vital role helps make the classroom environment reach its maximum potential. 

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