Our preschool program was started in 1999.  We offer engaging Bible lessons, songs, and field trips as part of your child's preschool adventure.  All children have play time and snacks (provided by parents) during their day.

There is much to be proud of with the students’ achievement–both in academic and social gains!  Most of the four and five year olds are reading many word's by the end of the school year.

Preschool is available for older three-and four-year-olds.  It follows an academic and social curriculum.

Preschool offers the following classes:

Two Days per Week (six hours weekly)

For children age 3 by August 1st to enter into this program.

Three Day per Week (nine hours weekly)

For children age 4 by August 1st. Students will be ready for kindergarten the next year.

Five Days per Week

For children age 4 by Aug 1st. Students will be ready for kindergarten the next year. This is the same curriculum as the 3 day per week program with two days of enrichment.



NOTE: All preschool students must be toilet trained. The preschool calendar will follow the school’s academic calendar. Therefore, the total number of days and hours may be affected by days off from school due to vacations and other breaks approved by the School Board.


Phonic, Reading, and Math

Preschool uses the ABeka curriculum. This is a very solid curriculum that incorporates Christian values. Music, art, and environmental studies are incorporated into the curriculum daily.

The B-I-B-L-E

Biblical values are taught by stories and discussion. Curriculum may be supplemented at the teachers’ or the Administrator’s discretion if deemed appropriate or advisable.

Two Days per Week Classes

The students will begin learning letters, letter sounds, numbers, and number concepts.

Three Days per Week Classes

Students will expand their learning to include letter blends and will begin sounding out words by the end of the year.


Preschool students are taught to be obedient. Usually, a reminder of appropriate behavior is all that will be required. On occasions when a reminder is not enough, the child will be given an appropriate length of “time out”. If a student is substantially disruptive, is fighting, or continues to be disruptive, deliberately disobeys, or shows aggressive behavior, he will be removed from the classroom. Parents will be notified if it is necessary to remove students from the classroom or play area.

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