The educational philosophy of Polk County Christian School is based on the Bible as the sole authority for the contents of our curriculum for evaluating truth, for determining practices, and as the basis of our faith. The purpose of Christian education is to glorify God by teaching children about God, His laws and His love, and to strengthen their faith through the educational process.

The Abecka curriculum is the foundation academic program. For a more detailed description click here.


You can click on the grade level to see the 2013-14 Standardized test scores.  PCCS students scored at or above the National Norm in all areas!  *No seventh grade students were enrolled

Kindergarten  First Grade  Second Grade  Third Grade  Fourth Grade  Fifth Grade  Sixth Grade  Seventh Grade  Eighth Grade  All Grade Overview


The grading system of our school is designed to give parents a true indication of their child’s progress in his academic efforts. Each student is evaluated in two areas–academic and spiritual/social. Kindergarten grade cards reflect “satisfactory” or “needs improvement.” Letter grades are earned in the academic subjects from first grade on through the higher grades. The grading scale for PCCS is:

100% or higher–A+ 80-82%–B- 63-66%–D

93-99%–A 77-79%–C+ 60-62%–D-

90-92%–A- 73-76%–C 59% or below–F

87-89%–B+ 70-72%–C-

83-86%–B 67-69%–D+


The faculty and teachers, as born-again believers, strive to model the life of Christ as revealed in Scripture by integrating the material in their disciplines with the truth of Scripture and by developing personal relationships with their students. As God supplies, the school has the responsibility to choose the personnel, materials, and curriculum for young people to grow spiritually, academically, and physically into their potential.

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