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Polk County Christian School has been blessed by having dynamic Christian men and women serving God on the school board.  We are proud to serve all of the PCCS families that make this possible.

Even though the school year is well under way, the board members of PCCS would like to welcome you to the 2016-2017 school year.  There have been some exciting changes made around the facilities to make the environment an exciting place to be. It is a work in progress so keep an eye out for things that change as time goes on. We strive to keep you informed of the board’s vision for PCCS and how, with your help, we can strive to set apart PCCS as a Christ-centered educational environment.



  Quentin Everson, President (417) 399-4582
  Ginger Presley, Vice President  (417) 840-8237
  Nate Noot, Treasurer (417) 770-4034
  Rebecca Thiessen, Secretary (417) 327-6775
  Dee Blakemore, Member (417) 327-3734
  Doug Horner, Member  (417) 619-0966
   Mark Roberts, Member   (417) 298-8827

You may also contact
John Peterson, Administrator (417) 777-2330

If parents have any concerns or questions regarding any aspect of the school, they are welcome to contact any member of the school board or the Administrator.


We appreciate the prayer support as we seek God’s wisdom and grace as we make decisions that affect the school, the staff, and the families of PCCS.


 Board Newsletter 


Guests are welcome to attend Open Session of the Board Meetings. If you would like to address something at the board meetings, we ask that you would talk with John Peterson prior to the meeting so that we may get the issue on the agenda.